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Mighty Thor...all over... jake | Promotions Director
04/25/2011 | Filed In:

Mighty Thor...all over...

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Recorded live at Brewvies. (NSFW!) Jesus was actually a vampire, not a zombie. The old Wooden Nickle ploy. Vegas is not family friendly…who knew? Thor down under. Product placement. Oh, Eyore! Thor toys are decaffeinated Coke. Back in my day! Nerf, step it up! Almighty Thor has an Uzi! AND Richard Greico! Taco Bell = the Hobbit. Morgan Freeman IS Bilbo! Wilfred! TV < Movies. The Future < the Past. Torchwood. Dr Who aint bad. 13 yr old sues Dr Who! Sex with a Horta will make you Thor. Incredible Changebots 2! DVD’s. New Mortal Kombat. Motostorm Apocolypse. Call of Duty: Black ops. Thor the game.
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