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Cocktail of the Week Richie T |
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Cocktail of the Week

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"Cocktail of the Week"

      Sorry we may have missed a week or so of our beloved "Cocktail of the Week" entry, but this delicious summer nectar will certainly makeup for any delay in posts! Check out the amazingly crafted flavor pairing, courtesy of our own Brent Burrow, in celebration of watermelon season complimented by St. Germain liquor. Enjoy!

"St. Melón Cocktail"

● 3 parts Vodka
● 1 part Saint Germain Liquor
● 1 part mint simple syrup***
● ice cubes
● cubed watermelon
       Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and cubed watermelon (the smaller cubes the better). Add St. Germain and mint simple syrup (see simple syrup recipe below) to shaker. Shake vigorously.

*** "Mint Simple Syrup"

      Cook equal parts sugar and water over medium heat. Add mint (or other favorite strong flavored herb) to sugar/water mixture. Heat until mixture turns clear. Let cool. Pour into airtight container and refrigerate. Simple syrup is a simple (hahahaa, what a funny pun!) and delicious way to add body and flavor complexity to a cocktail, transforming it from an ok drink to one to be remembered (even if you've had a few).

~Your Friendly "Radio From Hell" Gardeners


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