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Grow Lil' Guys GROW! Richie T |
06/11/2012 | Filed In:

Grow Lil' Guys GROW!

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Here are some photos of our babies!

As you guys probably know, it's been a little early to get our little pepper and tomato seedlings in until trecently, but we've wanted to keep you Garden From Hell followers interested! We had decided it would be easy and efficient to start a gourmet salad garden before our salsa garden hits full swing (hence some empty squares, to leave room for our tomatoes & peppers to come). The salad garden will feature mesclun mix greens, arugula, nasturtium, spinach and fresh herbs. There are certain vegetables who's flavor is exponentially greater when picked directly from the garden, growing fresh greens (along with tomatoes and peas) are definitely in that group! The flavor and texture are much more crisp and delicious than store-bought greens. 


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