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Radio From Hell Garden Progress Richie T |
06/01/2012 | Filed In: Radio From Hell |

Radio From Hell Garden Progress

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Garden From Hell - Starts from nursery Earth and Eden in Midway (the Rosemary, Raspberry, Tomatillo, African Blue Basil, Lemon Thyme).

We planted garlic and walking onion (our favorite onion). Walking onion is also known as egyptian onion, we didn't see too many people growing this in Boston but it seems to be a popular item here at the Wasatch Community Gardens. The garlic bulbs came from a classmate of Tara's in the Master Gardener's Program offered at USU extension at Thanksgiving Point. It is a hard-neck variety with strong flavor that will add much to the Salsa From Hell when it's ready...also they're HUGE! The walking onion is a 5th generation heirloom variety. Tara and I started the onion 4 years ago in Boston, this is its 5th season off the same mother plant. The onion is 100% edible; the bulb, the stalk and the cloves at the top. The bulb tastes like a spicy red onion, the stalks are very big around and have a flavor like very strong green onion/chives, and the cloves that grow on top (which are later planted if not eaten) are like a red onion with a hint of garlic. They call this plant "walking onion" because if left to it's own devices, it will bend down, drop the cloves to the ground and root itself again "walking" around the garden! This specific plant made the trek to UT in the back of a 14 ft U-haul over 5 days of driving while we moved here last August. With no light or water this sucker survived just fine. This onion has seen Mt. Rushmore and the Corn Palace in South Dakota (worlds only corn palace.......it's a palace made of corn, no joke.)

Cocktail of the week

Hendrix Martini

Classic and simple with a hint of cucumber!

Step 1: Pour Hendrix into a shaker, 5 parts
Step 2: A dash of vermouth
Step 3: (optional) 1 tablespoon diced cuckes

Shake the hell out of it

Step 4: Garnish with a slice of cucumber


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