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05/15/2012 | Filed In:

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SqFt Starts & Seeds

It was quite an eventful day, we had a lot of fun. Levi ended up being a lot of help, especially when we needed somebody to help drink the 2 gallons of sangria we made, also with wheel-barrow rides....he helped with that too.

Brent Burrow and Levi Rounds off to the compost heap!

Gardening Cocktail of the Week:

Sunburn Sangria:

1 Large jug Carlo Rossi sangria
1/4 bottle citron vodka
1/4 bottle raspberry vodka
1/2 bottle peach schnapps

Pour all of this into a jug or cooler. soak sliced lemons, limes and oranges in sangria. (we used 3 lemons, 2 oranges, and 4 limes)
serve over ice 3/4 of a glass and top with club soda. (we used a blood orange san pellegrino. THAT kicked ass!)

Thanks for letting us garden!
Brent & Tara 


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