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Veggies by the Foot Richie T |
05/13/2012 | Filed In:

Veggies by the Foot

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Tara Evicci presents the square foot garden!

In our last blog we stated that we probably wouldn't be planting anything this week, wrong! We ended up getting a good start on our "starts" (buh dum bum ching)! We transplanted: chives (5th generation from Boston, as in this is our 5th year growing these same chives and we started in Boston), garlic, artichoke, and walking onion (also 5th generation, heirloom and we've been growing off the same mother plant the whole time!) I will go into why walking onion is my favorite crop in another blog post, cause it's freakin' awesome! We also planted seeds: Spinach, mesclun mix lettuce, bunching onion, arugula, cilantro, and nasturtium (which is an edible flower that tastes like pepper)! We were also able to commandeer strawberries and spearmint from an overgrown plot!

~Radio From Hell Gardeners


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