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05/11/2012 | Filed In: Radio From Hell Gardener

Urban Gothic

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Urban Gothic

After weeding the garden it was time to treat the soil. Wasatch Community Gardens already had a compost pile for their patrons to use, SCORE! We added a couple of wheel-barrows full of compost, some sweet organic soil from Fox Farms, and some organic fertilizer also from Fox Farms. We gave it enough TLC that the crops should be plentiful all season long.

The next step was to get the square foot gardening set up. We laid out nails every foot of the perimeter of the raised bed with the help of Levi. We then tied twine around the nails marking square feet, in order to easily visualize our gardening space. We chose to use this method so we could more accurately plan the space and coordinate crop maturation times. We also chose this method because we are so awesome and we want a maximized yield from the Garden from Hell. This allows us to grow all the peppers, tomatoes and herbs we want for our salsa while pulling expired cool season crops (lettuce, spinach and peas) in time to make room for our heat loving veggies. Square foot gardening boasts benefits of intensive planting methods and proper crop planning/spacing. This method combined with companion planting should make a pretty kick-ass garden.

~Radio From Hell Gardeners


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