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NEW geekshowpodcast.com

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New Episode is Assembled!

(NSFW!) We’ve all seen The Avengers. If you ain’t, skip ahead. Spoiler city. You have been warned. Thor 2. Iron Man 3. Cap 2. Gay Batman had a gayby?! Black & white Fury. One for MCA. Kickstart Frisch! Underworld. Tim & Eric. Bobcat Goldthwait. Gremlins 2. Devil May Cry. Star Hawk. Street Fighter:Cross Dressen?! Walking Dead game is actually okay! Apologies. These kids and their porn today.

Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) geekshowpodcast.com. That download button up there ^ will give you many options to receive.I’m told were back on itunes, sorta. Subscribe and review if you can, plz! If you’ve got an X96 app on yer iphone and it works, we might be in the podcast section. Join our facebook and/or twitter. TV: Comcast Channel One/Utah on demand/SLC Alternative.
HUGE!: Were now on stitcher!! Kerry prefers it over all others methods. Up there ^ in the downloads bar is where to get it. LISSEN!! If you already have stitcher search GEEKSHOW (one word) under entertainment/scifi. We know that works!


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