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The Garden From Hell Richie T |
05/03/2012 | Filed In: Garden from Hell | Radio From Hell | Wasatch Community Gardens

The Garden From Hell

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Radio From Hell "Sharecropper" Tara Evicci in front of X96 "Garden From Hell" plot at Wasatch Community Gardens 900 S. 200 W.

   Brent and I are very pleased to present to everyone the Radio From Hell Garden! As you can see there is a bit of weeding that needs to happen here. I visited the spot after our interview on the Radio from Hell show and got an hours worth of weeding done. This Sunday will be our first "real" day at the garden. We will be finishing the weeding and preparing the soil for planting. I doubt we will plant any starts on Sunday, we need to make sure the soil is properly fertilized before we start any of our precious salsa crops. We will be stopping by the IFA stores before sunday to pick up mulch and fertilizer, and Wasatch Community Gardens have provided us with plenty of compost, made on site! After the spot is weeded we will also be building a trellis to support our vining and climbing crops, shelling and snap peas to start, along with passion flower later on.

We plan on doing multiple kinds of salsa, so we will have a variety of tomatoes and peppers, along with all the necessary herbs! The cold season still being upon us, we will start with cold crops like: spinach, lettuce, peas, arugula, onions and such. We will be focusing on salad stuffs to start for a little instant gratification and moving full force into salsa territory when the soil temperature is a little more appropriate for our warm season crops. (it won't be long though!)

I have been designing the garden as a "square foot garden" coupled with companion planting techniques. This will help us maximize space, yield and flavor. An example of companion planting would be planting basil underneath your tomato plants. These two plants will join forces to repel pests and attract beneficials (like ladybugs) while also enhancing each others flavor.


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