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NEW geekshowpodcast.com! Kerry Jackson |
04/30/2012 | Filed In:

NEW geekshowpodcast.com!

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New Episode begs: “Not in the eye!”

Our Avengers reviews spoiler free!

Basement: (NSFW!)Di Di Mau!! May the odds be in your favor. If it has toilets, it don’t count. Chewhammed gave me the hebrewgeebees. Thundercats vs Thundercats. ‘Splosions+Boobs+Aliens+Monster+Robots=best movie? Triplets? Troll Foot. Chuck Norris vs paul Stanley?

Broken News: (NSFW!) Our spoiler free Avengers review. Reason to live? Iron Man 3. Amazing Spider-man 2 has Trek writers. Amazing Spider-man has Freaks & Geeks writer. Judge Dredd. Futurama. AHS season 2 has a nympho. Black Dynamite 2. Total Recall has 3 boobs. Fringe has one more season. Poltergeist remake.

Basement: (NSFW!) This week in STFU! Angry letters! Movie cryostasis chamber. No remake. Anne Heche’s brown eye. Haywire. MIB bluray. Mimic trilogy. Mortal Kombat. Dr.Who game. Walking dead game sounds dull. The Devils Carnival.

Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) geekshowpodcast.com. That download button up there ^ will give you many options to receive.I’m told were back on itunes. Subscribe and review plz! If you’ve got an X96 app on yer iphone, we might be in the podcast section. Join our facebook and/or twitter. TV: Comcast Channel One/Utah on demand/SLC Alternative.
HUGE!: Were now on stitcher!! Kerry prefers it over all others methods. Up there ^ in the downloads bar is where to get it. LISSEN!! If you already have stitcher search GEEKSHOW (one word) under entertainment/scifi.



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