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Ben Folds Interview with Richie T Richie T |
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Ben Folds Interview with Richie T

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Ben Folds Overview

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Show at the depot Wednesday September 18th, tickets available at smithtix.com

What are you doing in SLC?

I'm not doing a tour or anything, I just happen to be in Salt Lake City, so we booked an informal gig. I've got some friends there and just doing some stuff. Going to see a man about a horse.

Richie's history with Ben Folds; dirty dishes, heartbreak and embarrassment:

How'd that work out for you? I'm sorry about that, I let you down twice. You didn't do the dishes one time, and you didn't get the girl. What's strike three?

Do you still get nervous?

Oh hell yeah! I do, it's weird. I'm terrible with nerves, I'm fraught with nerves. Performances, and television and stuff. I think it's good, I talk to people who have been performing their whole lives as well, so many of us are like that. I think the consensus is that's a good sign, it means you care. The times I've convinced myself to not be nervous and to try and be relaxed about it. I played fairly comatose performances, it's not just my soothing my nerves, it made whole system check out. It doesn't seem to work. I just embrace the nerves and go with it. Especially television, that stuff makes me super nervous I think cameras are really nerve racking. I'm more comfortable on stage, but even still I get butterflies.

You're coming to Utah to convert to Mormonism, is that what's going on?

Absolutely! I'll be doing that next week. I'm not sure what we'll be doing they'll be hanging me upside down in a closet for a while. There's some sort of initiation, right? You have to be able to sleep like a bat. I've got Mormon friends, I didn't go to church or anything myself growing up. I've got a great respect. I think it's awesome that someone has a discipline or belief or something that keeps them centered, I'm all for it. I probably won't be converting to anything. I might be converting my phone plan... I'm going to have a SLC phone number. I think the Mormon museum you have there is really interesting, I've gone there like 3 times now. It's a lot to take it, it's interesting, I like it.

What can people expect from you on Wednesday?

It's a mix, I may play half written things, I'll play requests, whatever pops into my head. Very informal, because this is the kind of thing that isn't promoting anything, it's a goof off concert. Tweet me if you have anything you want to hear, @benfolds and I'll check that out.

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