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B.A.S.H. Interview with Pepper Richie T |
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B.A.S.H. Interview with Pepper

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Listen here: Pepper Interview


Veteran band?
We will never ever ever ever - it might say that on our gravestones, "Veteran Band" - but we've been around, we've done a lot, but there's a lot we haven't done. We're hungry, like a lot more hungry than a lot of the young bands you'll come out to see now. That's kinda how we've always band...we're actually at full power. So you can call it vetern, you can call it plabonic, you can play it however you want. We're having the best time ever.

Hawaii as Home:
Fortunately, tourism has been our business and basically we've been ambassadors and the welcoming committee since we were born. That's kinda the vibe. That's what the Aloha Spirit is all about. To us, we're able to enjoy it like you guys, but we're on the clock too. We're still on the grind, even though it's a way slower, coconut-smelling grind.

Being an Indie Band:
That's been one of the keys to what we've always wanted to accomplish, is kind of doing it and entering the music business on our own terms...we started our own boutique label so that we get to do things that we're passionate about like sign talented acts that you've never heard of...

We've been on a major label, we've been on indie labels, we started our own label and we've been on no labels. So the main thing that we've always found is the true essence of connecting to our fan base and making sure that they know that they're the fuel in the gas tank and we don't go anywhere without them. And fortunately, through that, they understood that. They're the reason we're able to live this life style.

The name, "Pepper":
It's from an old SNL skit in the 90's if you wanna youtube it, it's really easy. Just type in "The Pepper Boys SNL".

Their Inspirations:
People always ask, "What are your inspirations? What is this? What is that?" and they're always looking for music and that's always our last answer. We're like Eddie Murphy, Leslie Nielson, Chris Rock. I mean, it's on and on and on. We love entertainment; we're especially fond of humor.

What we can expect at the BASH:
We've got a couple of these one-off shows that we're really gonna start prepping how we're gonna be f-ing around all summer. So we're happy to kinda play with you guys and do it and give you a big-ass playlist of not just FKARND but also, I think we're gonna go ahead and sneak in a couple extra tunes off of the unreleased album too just because that's how we roll. We're never afraid to just trop trow and just drop right into that wave pool/Costa Rican surf sunset. Whatever you need us to do.

Listen here: Pepper Interview


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